Tuesday, July 2, 2013

If he were she and she was he

      It was a hot summer day, the men had thrown on their finest suits and the ladies wore their makeup 'faces', and it was a regular wedding day. I was only a little kid who was wearing this small white suit with a matching pair of formal shoes which was killing my toes. At first glance, the event looked beautiful with all the bright colors of the ladies, the sun's reflections upon the bald heads of old men, and the cameras' flashes that blinded my eyes. I was related to the groom who was the center of attention at his house, everyone kept yelling '3aris' and they snapped a picture of him, I watched him for long minutes as he twisted left and right just to salute relatives. After couple hours, we moved to the bride's place and then I realized that the groom was a minor center of attention for the bride has stolen all the glamor and lights. She looked beautiful I can assure you, well they all looked beautiful for the make up hid some faults, sorry 'many' faults. However, at the end of the day the wedding was over and I was back in my bed with ice cubes all over my red toes. 

Now I come to think about it and I admire that tradition along with all the work that was put into that day, but there was a certain hypothesis that struck my mind which stated the possibilities and different situations that could result had this tradition been twisted around. 

What if he were she and she was he?

Had that been the case, then I can imagine myself standing on my balcony and then a BMW 'body zo3ran' would pass by while the radio in that car plays 'Georges Wassouf' songs, and she would burn some tires and whistle to me just to get my attention. Well what if the roles of male and female had all been twisted around? then I could only imagine the door knocking and the bride would enter with her parents and ask for my hand in marriage. And in the wedding, she would have to lift this enormously heavy bowl which is made of stones, or she would lift the groom between her hands as they enter the hotel room. 

Roles are given by society and maybe in a parallel universe, the roles are flipped.

In that world, women would go to work and men would be 'housemen', women would leave the country to work outside and men would ask for their human rights on every media source available. 
Had I lived there, then my girlfriend would come pick me up after I had sneaked behind my parents back, she would pay my share of dinner and she would take me to beautiful places. Moreover, she would attempt to put her hand on my knee as she changes gears and I would gladly refuse and remove her hand and then she'd make it better by opening the car door. 
Just imagine what a life men would have, since men do not suffer from period pains or birth procedures then they would have an empty life to enjoy for the rest of their lives. In addition to that, women would do all the fighting and if a girl would lay her eye on me, my girlfriend would go and punch her in the face. Now that sounds weird but it might happen out there. 
In the end, I can only see the corner at the end of my streets where couple girls would be standing there with their cars parked beside them, and as a man passes by them, they would start hitting on him by saying 'yo2borne l ashta', now that is a funny situation but the most hilarious one is standing again on my balcony and seeing a gal riding a 'Jog Zewyeh' motorcycle and lifting the front wheel of the ground with her hair swung back as she drives away.